Malinga's new ball

Lasith Malinga is set to unveil a new delivery which has sent world cricket in to pandemonium. Calamitously, we were less than enthused. Which naturally surprised us. This caused to have a serious talk with ourselves. Which we hate because we are generally sure we are right. Also, it looks odd when you talk to yourself.
We went into an almost Buddhist like self reflection state. Slowly the corroded metal we have for a brain started to churn it self over and as we realised why are not that excited about Malinga anymore.
True he still has super star makings. Any Sri Lankan with blonde hair is at least worth  a casual mention. But Malinga has separated himself from the pack and become a self professed freelance cricketer. That is all well and good for him. But not us.
We stay up wondering how Dinesh Chandimal will face up against Saeed Ajmal at Galle. We ponder the bowling line up best suited to dismantle Pakistan at home. We smirk when we picture Arjuna as a pinata that can be clubbed and explodes into a pieces of Kottu.
But a new ball by Malinga isn’t something we want or in fact care about in particular. It’s hard not think ‘is this what is has come down to?’. While Malinga will probably continue to be a symbol for marketeers and the casual fan of modern Sri Lankanism, we have fallen out of love with him.
This isn’t a personal begrudging at all. We still enjoy the yorkers and excitement he brings to a game. And we still secretly hope that he will magically grow a new knee and will be able to play test cricket again. But as any youtube clip will tell you, its not that hard to trick someone into thinking you can levitate.We have never disliked a cricketer. Apart from Sreesanth.And we don’t dislike Malinga. It is a classic case of not him but us.
Malinga’s new delivery might turn into a new revolution. But it wont be one we are particularly keen on.

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